Friday, 9 June 2017


Image Source: Unity Theatre
Written By: Mark Armstrong

Format: Show
Genre: Comedy
Date: June 8 2017
Location: Unity Theatre, Liverpool, England

Omnibus, the show which scooped the inaugural Liverpool Hope Playwriting Prize, has just begun its ten-day run in Unity Theatre, and it is also the first show to be playing Unity since its re-opening following extensive redevelopment.

Written by the very talented Katie Mulgrew and directed by Bob Farquhar, Omnibus tells the story of three housemates and their landlord, who are all at home ready for a Sunday dinner (or tea, as the characters remind us). Mark (Joel Parry) and Jess (Eva McKenna) are an item, with Mark supposedly planning to have Jess move in, much to the chagrin of Nell (Gemma Banks), who is the smarter, more logical-thinking housemate, and she particularly dislikes the "sexily-stupid" Jess for playing on her apparent confusion and cuteness to appease Mark and gain sympathy. As for Lauren (Alice Bunker-Whitney): the landlord is clearly a bit drunk, to say the very least, but she is also trying her best to hide the obvious pain suffered from being dumped at the altar, exactly one year prior.

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